What is K9 bed bug inspection?

A K9 bed bug inspection is a procedure whereby a dog, specifically trained for sniffing bed bugs and the dog’s handler, carefully and thoroughly searches an area for bed bugs.

How is your dog trained?

Our bed bug canines are trained by a procedure specially created for K9 bed bug detection. Our handlers and K9 are certified as a team.

Why do you use K9 for bed bug inspection?

Studies have shown that the use of dogs for bed bug inspection is far more superior to conventional inspection methods. That is because these canines have a highly sensitive sense of smell and have been trained to detect the scent specific to bed bugs and bed bug eggs. The use of canines is fast, reliable, highly accurate, and sensitive.

Are you discreet enough?

We understand that some people may feel embarrassed by the presence of bed bugs in their homes or offices. We assure you that we are a team of professionals, and we do our jobs with the utmost discretion. We do not wear any recognizable uniforms, and our vans are unmarked to ensure that your privacy is secured.

What are the preparations that I need to do before you arrive?

Our K9 operates by vigorously sniffing around the room to find bed bugs; for this reason, we ask that you remove any object or substance that is harmful to the dog from the inspection area. Drugs, insecticides, food, sharp objects should be removed from anywhere the dog could come in contact with them.
Loud noises like Crying infants, radios/televisions can cause the dog to be distracted. Please make efforts to reduce them when we arrive.
The dog uses its sense of smell to detect bed bugs; hence anything that interferes with its ability to zero in on the bed bug scent could mar the entire inspection. Please ensure that the central air conditioner or heating system or any floor model fans are turned off.

How long does the inspection take?

The inspection normally takes about twenty minutes to an hour. But it depends on the size of the area being inspected.

How soon can you book my appointment?

We are always available to attend to our clients any time they want.