The feeling of being exposed to bed bugs is often alarming and irritating for most people. People whose homes or workplaces have been infested with bed bugs are often unaware of their presence until the signs and symptoms begin to manifest.

There is no need to panic; the Friendly Neighbour K9 Bed Bug Detection Inc bed bug inspection team is here to help. We offer the best K9 bed bug detection service in the country. Don’t take our word for it; give us a try, and we will exceed your expectations.

Not too long ago, The detection of bed bugs involved a person visually examining the area with a flashlight. This process was tedious and ineffective because bed bugs are tiny and usually hide in furniture and small spaces around the room. This method was also time-wasting because it took hours for the inspector to inspect a large area. Now, we make use of K9 bed bug detection to quickly and effectively detect bed bugs and bed bug eggs.

K9 bed bug inspection is the most reliable, discreet, effective, and easiest way of detecting bed bugs. You no longer have to worry about potential failure in detecting bed bug infestation in your home or workplace due to human errors. Our K9 bed bug detection team is 100% capable of detecting bed bugs wherever they may be hiding with a high degree of speed and accuracy. The K9 and the human handler work as a single unit with the sole aim of exposing bed bugs in your room or office.

We work not only on residential buildings but also on schools, daycare, hospitals, hotels, office buildings, banks, restaurants, food plants, clothing stores, groceries stores and offer pre-inspection services.

We operate by allowing our highly trained and experienced K9 to use their nose in sniffing out the bed bug scent and zero in on its location. A certified handler guides the dog and visually detects any signs of bed bugs like their faeces and eggs. The handler also visually confirms any bed bug detection by the K9.

Bed bug detection using K9 is the most reliable method of detecting bed bugs in the world.

Do you suspect that you may have bed bugs in your space? Contact us immediately to book an appointment. Remember that early detection of bed bugs is vital to successfully controlling the parasite.